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자성체, Spintronics
(062) 530 - 3357
https://sites.google.com/view/spintronics-je GO

2003-2009        B.S. in Physics

                        Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University


2009-2015        Ph.D. in Physics

                        Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University

                        (Experimental condensed matter physics)

Professional Carrier

2015-2015        Postdoctoral Researcher

                        BK21PLUS Frontier Physics Research Division, Seoul National University


2015-2017        Postdoctoral Researcher

                        SPINTEC, CEA-INAC/CNRS/Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

                        Institut Jean Lamour, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France


2017-2019        Postdoctoral Researcher

                        Center for X-ray optics (CXRO), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., Berkeley, USA

                        Center for Spin-Orbitronic Materials, Korea University


2019-Present    Assistant Professor

                        Department of Physics, Chonnam National University

Research Interest


Magnetic Memory (Neuromorphic) Device

Topological spin texture

Selected Publication

1. Soong-Geun Je, Hee-Sung Han, Se Kwon Kim, Sergio A. Montoya, Weilun Chao, Ik-Sun Hong, Eric E. Fullerton, Ki-Suk Lee, Kyung-Jin Lee, Mi-Young Im, and Jung-Il Hong, “Direct demonstration of topological stability of magnetic skyrmions via topology manipulation”, ACS Nano 14, 3251-3258 (2020).

2. Soong-Geun Je, Pierre Vallobra, Titiksha Srivastava, Juan-Carlos Rojas-Sánchez, Thai Ha Pham, Michel Hehn, Gregory Malinowski, Claire Baraduc, Stéphane Auffret, Gilles Gaudin, Stéphane Mangin, Hélène Béa, and Olivier Boulle, “Creation of Magnetic Skyrmion Bubble Lattices by Ultrafast Laser in Ultrathin Films”, Nano Letters 18, 7362-7371 (2018).


3. Soong-Geun Je, Sang-Chul Yoo, Joo-Sung Kim, Yong-Keun Park, Min-Ho Park, Joon Moon, Byoung-Chul Min, and Sug-Bong Choe, “Emergence of huge negative spin-transfer torque in atomically thin Co layers”, Physical Review Letters 118, 167205 (2017).[Editor’s Suggestion]


4. Soong-Geun Je, Duck-Ho Kim, Sang-Chul Yoo, Byoung-Chul Min, Kyung-Jin Lee, and Sug-Bong Choe, “Asymmetric Magnetic Domain-Wall Motion by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction”, Physical Review B 88, 214401 (2013). [+300 Citations (Google scholar citation, July. 2020)]


5. Soong-Geun Je, Juan-Carlos Rojas-Sánchez, Thai Ha Pham, Pierre Vallobra, Gregory Malinowski, Daniel Lacour, Thibaud Fache, Marie-Claire Cyrille, Dae-Yun Kim, Sug-Bong Choe, Mohamed Belmeguenai, Michel Hehn, Stéphane Mangin, Gilles Gaudin, and Olivier Boulle, “Spin-Orbit Torque-Induced Switching in Ferrimagnetic Alloys: experiments and modeling”, Applied Physics Letters 112, 062401 (2018).


For full publication, please visit Google Scholar